Why bingo cards are the best ice breaker

I don’t have much time to write this evening and this is my new blog but I would like to talk about bingo cards and the whole new bingo scene.

Lately I have been attending parties that have Ice breaker bingo and it seems to work every single time. Parties are great but many times you get invited to ones that you know not even half of the people, This is when ice breaker bingo comes handy!

All you have to do is download a bingo card maker or create the bingo game online a great bingo card maker can be found at BingoCards.org which is super simple to use and has great out of the box bingo templates, Edit your bingo game – you can put your own words there and customize everything (almost). Print the bingo cards and hand them out to your guests. Make sure you have a nice little prize – people like them very much ;)

Have fun!